11 November 2020

Joel Fitzgibbon continues to wage his sabotage campaign against Labor, this time by quitting the frontbench after undermining Albanese’s plan to pressure Morrison on carbon emissions. “The Labor Party has been spending too much time in recent years talking about issues like climate change,” said the MP who spends all his time ensuring Labor can do nothing but bicker about climate change. “We have a diverse range of membership… There has been a cultural shift and too much of an emphasis on our more newly arrived base, and not sufficient emphasis on our traditional base” — gee, I wonder what he is hinting at with this contrast between “newly arrived”, “diverse” membership and “our traditional base”? Of course, what it all really comes down to is this: “I have no intention of running for the leadership. I mean, I would have to be drafted.” Fortunately, it seems Fitzgibbon’s leadership fantasy is just that [$]: “About one quarter of the caucus supports Fitzgibbon, another quarter supports his views but not his methods, while the remaining half ‘hates him'”. Perhaps he would have more luck in the parties whose policies he so passionately supports [$]? “Joel Fitzgibbon was greeted with a round of applause at Aussies Cafe from Liberal and National pollies, after word spread of his resignation. Witnesses say he took a bow.”