1 September 2020

Good news: “One of McDonald’s Australia’s largest franchisees will be forced to pay after threatening employees who requested a 10 minute break… The post, which was shared to a private Facebook group by [a general manager], was made in response to staff lobbying for 10 minute breaks.” To be clear, they were lobbying for 10 minute breaks they were entitled to under their EBA! “‘If we implement this [ten minute break] over our current situation on your shift –– this ten minute break would be the only time you would ever be permitted to have a drink or go to the toilet,’ [the manager] wrote. ‘So I hope to god you don’t get thirsty on your next shift because we just wouldn’t be able to allow a drink. Fair is Fair, right?’ The Retail and Fast Food Workers Union (RFFWU) took [the franchisee] to court over the post, alleging the franchisee had threatened to restrict workers’ drinks and bathroom rights. In the Federal Court of Australia on Monday, Justice Logan agreed that the post did, in effect, threaten to deny workers their rights to a drink or toilet break at other times during their shift. The judgment is the first time McDonald’s has been successfully prosecuted by a union in Australia.”