15 April 2020

The Workers Solidarity collective: “One thing we know about COVID-19, is that its impact both medically and economically, is global. Workers are fighting for the same things everywhere – and we are stronger together. On April 7 this year, 32 unionists and working class representatives from 11 different countries got together on a call. We started discussing the possibility of developing a Global List of Workers’ Demands in the COVID-19 Crisis. The list below, is that proposed list. It’s not set in stone, and Workers’ Solidarity is interested in your views and opinions about them. If workers across the world don’t agree with these demands, there’s no point in having them. This same group of unionists and working class representatives is getting together again soon, and we will vote on these demands. Your opinions, dissent, agreement, amendments and counter proposals will be very welcome, and they will be discussed.” Click through and find the list of demands on page 7, then send any feedback to we.are.workers.solidarity@gmail.com.