16 November 2019

Sophie Trevitt: “The staunch, strong, grief-laden cries for #JusticeForWalker from the Warlpiri people reverberated around the nation this week. But the struggle is far from over for Kumanjayi Walker’s family, the Warlpiri people and all First Nations people. The injustices that First Nations people are so often forced to weather in the shadows have been tragically and violently brought into the light. It is our job now to keep these injustices in the forefront of the minds of every decision-maker who is writing policy that strips First Nations people of power, of every official who is making decisions about what services First Nations people have access to, of every police officer, lawyer, judge, ombudsman and commissioner who is tasked with protecting the rights of First Nations people. … We are all implicated in the system that cost Kumanjayi Walker his life and stole him from his family, and we must not turn away until there is justice. No justice, no peace.” Justice is not about this one case, it is about transforming White systems of subjugation.