25 July 2019

Osmond Chiu, now a research fellow at Per Capita, argues that restoring public trust in government is urgent if we are to have any hope of addressing inequality and climate crisis: “It is of little surprise the 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer found only 42% of Australians trust government. … The extent of distrust limits the scope for the government action needed. … Rebuilding trust must not only encompass the usual suggestions of campaign finance reform, but a broader democratisation to ensure people have a direct say in public institutions and in their workplaces. … None of this can be done while progressives look inwards or avoid electoral politics. We must not be the tribute band who play the greatest hits to an ever-dwindling audience who turn up regardless. To succeed, we need to break down silos between movements and engage more broadly in the community, outside existing political networks. With time running out, rather than despair, the only option for progressives is to work with where people are at, with more focus and determination than ever before.”