21 June 2019

Jeremy Poxon, Tash Heenan and Jon Piccini believe Australians can be persuaded to support bold policy: “We should remember that Australians are not shy when it comes to big ideas. After all, the country was a global model in voting rights for all, the eight hour day and social welfare reform prior to World War I. The twentieth century also saw a massive cultural transformation, driven by women’s, Indigenous and queer rights movements. The Green New Deal offers a way to face our modern crises together — a bold new path that leaves no one behind, and actually improves workers’ lives while we reckon with climate change. By (finally) addressing the needs of the millions of people denied decent jobs, we can begin to organise the kind of radical, worker-driven movement Australia was once famous for.” They argue it is important to get on the front foot in the communities that will be hardest hit by economic restructuring: “Without a strong, progressive voice to convince them otherwise, workers assume that action on climate change will further deny them opportunities.”