5 June 2019

As another tedious round of Labor-Greens bickering gets under way, those who think the parties should work more closely need to work outside the parliament and party structures to make an alliance feasible. The most promising avenue would seem to be developing a grassroots campaign along the lines of the American Green New Deal or British Green Industrial Revolution. To that end, a Melbourne chapter of the Climate Justice Collective launched last month, committed to “organise around a Green New Deal for Australia built on the foundational principles of climate justice, decolonisation, decommodification, democratisation, decarbonisation, international solidarity, anti-capitalism and resisting ecofascism with the aim of making a Green New Deal a household name with majority support in opinion polling by the 2022 federal election”. Their fortnightly newsletter (here’s the first issue) looks like a must-read for information about environmental and industrial campaign ideas and actions.